Michelin Style Dining at Fisk Seafood Bar

Joe Flanagan, Ian Doyl, Tony Davidson & Lina Reppert

One of the most exciting dining experiences Donegal has seen, took place last night at Fisk Seafood Bar, Downings which we were lucky to attend with bookings limited to 16 people. Head Chef Ian Doyle and Chef Joe Flanagan of two Michelin starred restaurant Oaxen Krog, Sweden – joined Chef Patron Tony Davidson in his kitchen to serve some Michelin style food in this stunning setting.

Lina Reppert (Co – Owner) ran a flawless front of house service with each dish well explained and paired beautifully with the help of Darren Rafferty from James Nicholson Wines.

We enjoyed a variety of dishes with nordic influences and locally foraged ingredients that the guys had collected themselves. One course even included a homemade blue cheese which was served with local honey, grapes and buckwheat crackers. Two of our favourite dishes were the Rhubarb, Hay and Celery Granita mostly because of the ‘hay’ ice cream and the Raw Scallop, Grape, Seaweed and Horseradish.

We also tried Swedish delicacy messmör which is a product made from whey, with lots of vanilla and caramel. This was served with white asparagus and raw rhubarb.

Check out our pictures for more on the food.

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